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What if you only had 10-20 years left?

Welcome to my world. Since both my mother and uncle died at age 56, I think about this often. What would I do if I only lived 10 or 20 more years? What if I don’t get to see my niece get married? She and her mom were dancing to their favorite song last night and as her mother promised they’d dance to it at her wedding, I thought to myself “what if I don’t live to see that?”

Then I thought today I should just get tested and find out if I carry the gene, then I at least have a 50/50 chance of finding out I will live to see her graduate high school, get married, have a child of her own… But then again, I work in a newsroom, which is a great place to be around death all the time. A crazy white supremacist went into the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC today. He shot a security guard, who later died. Was that security guard counting down to his death? No. He went suddenly. He was never warned.

But I have been warned.

I’ve never believed in getting tested since there is still no treatment or cure. I plan my life for “just in case.” As in “just in case” I don’t live past age 56 like my mother and uncle, I will leave something behind for my family. And I think daily about what that will be.

But then each day I wonder how best to spend my final years, whether they are 10, 20, 30, or more. Live it up and travel, right? Someone told me today to keep a normal life going because those every day normal moments are the ones we remember of our loved ones.

All I can come up with is to not waste my time or that of others.


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