Cure CJD

Heather Larson's experiences in helping find the cure for CJD

Just shut down the other site,

I didn’t think there was anything posted on that site that was important or up-to-date enough worth paying $5/month for, so this will be my only CJD-related site for now.  In case you’re wondering where it went, that’s why.  I haven’t yet had the time to make it into what I want it to be.  Plus, I have more fun posting blogs here at


September 26, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I’m a person potentially suffering from early onset vCJD judging by how my symptomacy and pathology only really fits how it causes unbridled, random depression with no psychiatric cause. 19. If I die, it’ll be the most retardedly unfair death plausible.

    Still? I think you should get tested. You need that extra relief on your shoulders. If you have a longer life ahead of you, you can plan for perhaps a neurochemist course and see about curing it yourself in the long term.

    Comment by Sieg | October 2, 2009

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