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The Shirley Sherrod debacle proves once again why the USDA is inept.

Every time I saw the Shirley Sherrod story hit my TV over the last week, I groaned.  That was even before it came out that a silly blogger took her statements out of context and the rest of the world took it at face value.  Why? Because this story proves why the USDA is inept, and it’s something you only know if you’re part of the CJD family.  Hello!  The USDA just made headlines through an entire week’s news cycle for absolutely nothing to do with farming practices and food safety in the United States!  The USDA just became gossip fodder over something that has nothing to do with agriculture.

The USDA should be making headlines because Secretary Tom Vilsack has yet to mandate testing every cow meant for human consumption for BSE.  Someone like Shirley Sherrod should only make headlines over her actions on the job. In other words, we should only care what decisions she makes that affect our nation’s food supply.  But I am not sure what those may be, because the week’s news cycle made this all about race, about black versus white, in the year 2010.  So we moved backwards in race relations and food inspection this week.  Thanks again, USDA, for keeping your eye on the prize.  How many downer cows are stumbling to their deaths on American farms right now?  That should be the real question for the USDA to answer.


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  1. other causes of CJD are from wrinkle fillers made from pooled cadavers (with a history of knowingly causing CJD). These same doctors who manufacture pooled cadaver wrinkle fillers, also have a patent of 2004, listing not only human cadavers as there ingredients, but also include horses, dogs, sheep, pigs, donkeys, left over products from meat processing companies, laboratory animals ( which may include mice, monkeys, rats, cats & whatever is included in laboratory animals). The patent also states it includes cartilage left over cartilage from cosmetic procedures & chemicals. This product has been known to cause CJD in the past, yet the FDA continues to allow it to be introduced again, repeatedly. Human cadavers are known – alone, without addtional animal products included in their ingredients, to cause CJD. It continues to harm people, yet it’s allowed. Nobody seems to care. Maybe in numbers, if we join together, we can make a difference & stop this. Contact me at or or by phone 248 719-0228. Maybe together we can stop this.

    Comment by linda | August 28, 2011

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