Cure CJD

Heather Larson's experiences in helping find the cure for CJD

Now this is the idea! Fundraising! Activism! Awareness!

I love it. The whole point of having a blog about CJD has been to make some kind of noise to prove that I’m not alone in the wilderness here. There are others like me who have lost someone to CJD. Over the years I have hoped others would blog too, or make videos, or do whatever they are good at to raise awareness about CJD.

Jennifer Johnson stumbled across my blog and has informed me through the comments that she is working on a 5K fundraiser in honor of her mother who passed in 2008 of CJD. If you want details, it’s in April of next year and you should definitely visit Jennifer’s site and show some love.

You can also read about her mother’s story here.

I personally feel that each time we share our loved ones’ stories we are putting them on record so that they are counted. We show that they matter, that their deaths aren’t in vain. I admire Jennifer, and anyone for that matter, who has the strength to stand up and be counted. If we all did that and made a little more noise, we could better show that CJD is a problem that needs attention in our country and beyond.

~Heather Larson

@heatherlarson on Twitter

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