Cure CJD

Heather Larson's experiences in helping find the cure for CJD

Eat dessert first.



Also: Pack up all your stuff and move to a city you’ve never even seen before. Take that job. Go run a few miles, hate it, do it again until you sign up for a marathon… Learn to cook everything. Become a human guinea pig. Fill an entire book with your bucket list. Spend time with kids. Spend time with old people. Spend time with “disadvantaged” people. (Personally, I think we’re all blessed, it’s just our perspective that is “disadvantaged.”) Take a bus ride in a big city. Repeat. (You have to get back, don’t you? Or do you…?) Make a playlist of every song you’ve ever loved wholeheartedly, who cares how cheesy it is? Buy a piece of original art to hang on a wall and admire, even if it’s just a reprint. Get a tattoo. Learn some modality of alternative healing so you can help yourself and others. Tell people what you need from them; then don’t be hurt if you find they can’t deliver. Forgive. Write a novel, even when you know what you’re starting with sucks and is out of order. Meditate. Do yoga. Get in contact with old friends. When others get mad at you for growing as they stay stuck, just release, let go, and know they’re just trying to reconcile two versions of you. Realize others will share some of your passion for…some of your passions. Read lots of books. Find beauty. Cure awkward moments with a sense of humor. Eat ice cream straight from the container at midnight in your underwear because you can’t sleep. Ignore advice. Take a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. Go on a date with someone you never thought you’d go out with because they “aren’t your type” for whatever reason. (Unless you’re married or something like that). Adopt an animal. Win an award. Participate. Work for a boss you can prank now and then. Work for yourself. Buy a guitar for absolutely no reason one day out of the blue. Take every opportunity to dress up in a costume and act silly. Graduate from college. Be awesome at your job and make your company money.

But #1…do things that matter. 

I just wrote all of the above for the people who wonder what the hell I’ve done in the past 8.5 years since I found out my family carries the E200K mutation for CJD. It doesn’t matter how you live, only that you do. 

–Heather Larson


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