Cure CJD

Heather Larson's experiences in helping find the cure for CJD

It has been a decade.

Ten years almost to the date and I will not let it go without saying something.

October 7 will always be the day I went to bed a normal person with a job, college classes to attend, and some idea of who I was and where I was headed in life. By 11:00 am October 8, I woke up in a baffling nightmare in which my parent was suddenly my child. She lost her human-ness in the next few weeks and was taken on November 10. In a month and two days my mother was dead and my future stolen.

It’s a DECADE later tonight.

I’m actually grateful to be who I am today and where I am. Most of you don’t know the battle I faced to get here. Or that I have donated my medical info to UCSF so we can find a CURE FOR CJD and that I donated my blood to the Red Cross so we can FIND A DIAGNOSTIC TEST TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF OUR BLOOD SUPPLY. Or that I paid my own way to get this stuff done at UCSF. I am a survivor and I made it through with no support. I have done all I could and if something else constructive comes up, I’ll do that too.

I’m surprised to say you couldn’t pay me to go back to who I was ten years ago tonight. I don’t want that person back and I don’t want that life back. I only wish I could take away what I’ve seen and what I know — of a great many things. May all those lost to CJD rest in peace and may we find a cure and may it NEVER be worse than it already is. May we make it better.


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