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BSE Found In Canada


Here’s the latest news today from The Guardian.

I know I shouldn’t post about it or care. After all, with three deaths in my family and one autopsy from Case Western showing my mother’s case to be E200K mutation…why care? It’s genetic for us no matter what. I can’t exactly point to my mother eating infected beef as the cause of her disease and death. I can point to our DNA, our cultural background, and the fact that this woman didn’t take care of health in all the time I knew her.

It’s nice of the Canadian government to release this news. I will forever wonder how many of these cases are not caught. Until every cow meant for human consumption is tested, I will push for every cow meant for human consumption to be tested for BSE. Why? Because there are so many innocent people in this world and no known clinical diagnosis or cure for prion disease in cows or humans.

I have learned to care more about the cure for humans in the past decade than I do about BSE in cows. My chances at living longer than another 20 years are still, to this day, 50/50 as far as we know. Of all ways I can die, I do not want to die like this. I have witnessed this hell firsthand. No human being deserves this.

So let’s test all the cows until there’s a cure. Then we can put this to bed.

I pray I live to see that day.


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  1. my uncle just passed away from the Heidenhain variant of CJD… JUST 3 weeks he went from walking and talking to catonic…..most disgusting disease but the speed at which it happened has our heads spinning…..for 2 weeks he had visual deterioration but No dimentia….and was talking and laughing about getting out of the hospital even if he was becoming “blind as a bat”,,,,,has anyone had this happen so rapidly? Experienced this variant?

    Comment by kelly | January 20, 2016

  2. Creative post – I was fascinated by the info , Does anyone know where my assistant might get ahold of a blank CA CR-181 copy to edit ?

    Comment by julie hepburn | June 29, 2016

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