Cure CJD

Heather Larson's experiences in helping find the cure for CJD

Here’s what’s coming

There’s going to be some awesome new stuff here — and in other places.

I’m still working on this. However, I will be shifting the focus of what I have been doing all theses years, which is passively blogging about CJD and CJD alone.

It’s easy to say my world has expanded since 2004.

First, I am going to ensure I make money for what I am doing. I have already put in 13 years of emotional labor. I paid my own way to San Francisco and back, I’ve spent money on domain names, etc.

Second, the name “Cure CJD” isn’t appropriate anymore. I’ll explain that in another blog post on another day.

Third, the point has always been to make the rest of the world — the normal people — care about this “rare” disease that rocked my life. In years and years of telling this story, people just wring their hands, shake their heads, give me a look of pity and walk away. (In person and online). CJD is far beyond what most can comprehend and the only people who really care about it are those of us who have witnessed it.

What I will tell you at this point is I intend to flex my journalistic muscle from here on out. Blogging is great, but after 13 years, I am not sure a WordPress blog is the best way I can use my talents and experience to be of use to the world where CJD is concerned.


This affects my family and I.

I do NOT want my young nieces and nephews to have to go through what we went through.

I left my original CJD blog up online and I will leave this one up too. But I have bigger plans to make this more interactive — and profitable in a way that will help me to not suffer a loss of energy, time, and emotional labor by doing this work.

I’m not going to be getting rich by any means, but I do desire to be able to pay my way around the globe to report on cutting edge improvements to this arena of medical research. I desire to pay for a website, hosting, etc — and not from my personal funds. (I am working two jobs, folks. See where I am coming from?)

For now, I will begin where I am. The cutting edge stuff is only beginning. I don’t need the plane ticket yet. I don’t need to put up a website yet.

But I do want to serve you, me, US. All of us. So if you would like to know something about CJD, about medical research, about my experiences — please reach out. Leave a comment. Do it! The interaction can start now!

~Heather Larson


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